Guninea Bissau Economic Team Visit to Fundvine Holdings

The GMD of Fundvine Holdings played host to the Director -General of Guinea -Bissau Economic Team Amudu Musa .
Mr Amudu Musa and his team were at FundVine Holdings Head Office Abuja. Bi-lateral talks on possible areas of collaboration and partnership between Fundvine Holdings and the Republic of Guinea -Bissau.
Discussions on areas of possible investment between Fundvine Holdings from the Nigerian side and the Republic of Guinea -Bissau.
Today’s visit is a clear testament of our resolve to foster collaboration among African countries to enhance the overall development of the continent and collaborative effort among African countries to improve local investments, reduce capital flight and create jobs for our teeming population in Africa.
Fundvine Holdings provide a full range of services to a broad range of customers (Public, Private sector, organizations, Institutions and HNI’s).
Fundvine Holding is the holding company of Fundvine Group, with the following subsidiaries. Fundvine Capital & Securities Limited, Fundvine Hathaway Asset Management Limited, Fundvine Properties Limited, Fundvine Foods Limited, compare Global Investment among others.

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