Seplat Energy Plc announces currency exchange rate for interim dividend

Seplat Energy Plc has confirmed that the following currency exchange rates will be applicable in determining the Q3 2022 interim dividend to any shareholder that qualifies for and has elected to receive the dividend payment in Naira or Sterling (GBP):

Exchange Rate

1 USD = 443.80 NGN

1 USD = 0.8732 GBP

The exchange rate for the Naira or Pound Sterling amounts payable was determined by reference to the exchange rates applicable to the US dollar available on November 9, 2022.

The closing date for dividend currency election to the Company’s Registrars is November 24, 2022. In the absence of a qualifying dividend currency election by shareholders to the appropriate Registrar, dividends will be paid in their default currency. Shareholders should refer to the Company’s announcement on October 27, 2022 for definition of default currency and dividend currency election forms can be found on the company website at

Source: Seplat Energy Plc announces currency exchange rate for interim dividend – StocksWatch (

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